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About Puls8

•  Puls8 Fitness is Ireland’s leading heart rate monitoring solution for gyms and gym users. The main aim of this brand is to allow athletes of all kinds to take their performance to the next level. Our cutting-edge technology will allow users to break boundaries and push themselves to the limit.

•  The Puls8 Family has grown rapidly ever since its founding. Puls8 technology has allowed athletes from all over the country to reach their goals, while allowing them to share their progress with their friends and family while doing so. Our online tools and systems will make your health, fitness and well-being goals easier than you could ever imagine. The power of tracking your progress through the use of electronic devices is something that has exploded within the fitness industry over the last number of years. Why? Because it works. Our goal is to harness the endless capabilities of Irish Athletes and to allow you to turn your fitness goals into a reality.